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Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo Behind the scenes: Real life Naoki and Kinchan

F: Its now Lunchtime! Oh! Kinchan! Its Kinchan!
Y: Oh Irie Irie~!
F: Today its Salmon and whats this? Sukiyaki? what should I choose?
Y(talking in the background): FINAL doesnt have L? 
F: no, theres L! (sees what Yamada Yuki wrote) Thats wrong! thats wrong! Its F-I- you dont need  ’A’.
Y: Fantasy I know.. I know for sure (writes FANA) Ah ah FINA.. Fantasy..
F: Kinchan its because you’re from Class F (LOL)
Y: Oh no Fanatasy, GY? JY? (LOL)
F: the English pronunciation is FANTASY not FANTAGI thats why.. please think of it first
Y: is it J? (LOL)
Moments later
Yamada Yuki writes FANTAJI (JI in Katakana) LOL

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